About me

Hi! I am Jennifer Maier, 

a abstract realist painter from Hauenstein based in Germany. 

I experiment with traditional drawing and painting techniques.
I love to work in my artworks with different mediums. I never stop explore new ways to create a unique piece of art. I love connect them in one distinctive artwork. 
I also attach great importance to a harmonious and dynamic color design.

My inspiration comes from nature, colors and my Personal mood. My creative Process begins with a Simple Sketch, easy lines with pencil. 
Crosshatching Lines give my art a distinctive style. I am passionated to connect Abstract element with a unique human portrait.  

„Art is more than just a pretty picture.
Art is more than just practice, it is a way of life.
Art is more than just a skills, it it passion.“

„I find my own way to talk without talking. art can be powerful expression for your soul. I’m inspired to create beauty and brings it into the world. I hope my art inspired people to force their dreams and passions.“

-Jennifer Maier 

Give something back to nature

When you purchase one of my painting, a part of the income goes into charity. Particular to the project mission Erde e.V.

 Some of my materials come from nature (wooden canvas).

All material & shipping has a co2 footprint. 

Preserve nature and animals are a matter of my heart.

Thank you for buying my art and help me donate it into this wonderful project.

Donates goes to:

Mission Erde e.V.